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July 25, 2010


First one might be a white ash. Second one is probably a Buckeye.

This site will probably help: http://www.oplin.org/tree/index.html

I second the first ash and fold.

#2 looks like a hickory

Molly: That's what I was thinking! Are hickory nuts good eating?

Sarah L.: Ash, huh? Crap. I thought it was something else, like maybe a butternut so I could make delicious maple butternut candies.

Melissa: What an awesome tree site. Thanks for the link! So, you think ash for #1. Bummer. Do ashes have nuts?

Here's a good site for ash tree identification:


or, ask George Ellmore at Tufts. he taught me everything (that i don't remember very well) about trees.

First one - anyone's guess.
Second looks like a Horse Chestnut, which is the same as a Buckeye. Several great specimens in Radcliffe Yard. Not edible but cool shape and smooth dark nuts -- good for... crafts?

First is likely ash. Try this - put your ear up to the tree and knock with your knuckle. Sound hollow? It's a white ash.

2nd one looks like buckeye. In the summer it will have long white blooms of tiny flowers that look kinda like a candlestick burning all over. It will also make fruits that resemble nuts, if you peel of the spiky outer green layer you will come to a shiny inner nut that has medicinal properties. Horse chestnut (aka buckeye) is astringent and is used both topically and internally for varicose veins and hemorrrhoids.

In less than one week I will be on vacation in VT and able to compare butternut to ash in person. I'll check back on your photos then...

Still think #2 is hickory. (Buckeyes have palmately compound leaves) Hickory nuts can be eaten, but I think it is difficult to find enough to make it worthwhile. But, if you don't mind getting at black walnuts, hickory nuts aren't much different. Here's a link from Mother Earth News about eating hickory nuts: http://www.motherearthnews.com/Modern-Homesteading/1980-09-01/Hickory-Nuts-The-Inside-Story.aspx

Also, you may know this already, but buckeye "nuts" are poisonous. So, to keep their good luck, don't eat them!

Molly: I agree--I think it's a hickory, too. Thanks for the great link! I read it and now I'm excited for hickory nuts. Judging by the size of the tree, I think I'll be able to expect approximately one nut. That is, if the squirrels don't beat me to it!

Sarah L.: Awesome. Have a great vacation!

Danielle: Sounds like a cool tree. I don't think that's what it is, though, because the pictures I have of buckeye leaves all originate from one central point on the stem instead of from two points like a hickory. But I'll be on the lookout for this plant for any future hemorrhoid needs!

Jeremy: I will try that!

Susan: See my comment to Danielle. I think #2 is a hickory tree, not a buckeye. (I'm routing for hickory due to its edible nuts.)

Michelle: Cool, thanks! I'll see what he says.

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