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July 08, 2010


priceless...really, its these kinds of posts that make me love your blog (and make me realize that our families can be all equally nuts/annoying/funny/insane!).

Geez, what nut thought Anna Pavlova was a singer?

Lol. Great dinner conversation. And I love your Dad's comment. He and my Dad could get together and trade joke's about their daughters.

What a wonderful way to build up the suspense for a recipe! Meal time at your house always sounds so entertaining.

This is a bit random, but I read an essay in the latest issue of Gastronomica about the origin of the pavolva. The author spent what seems like a couple years researching how it all came to be.

I go with Australian... Kiwis are always trying to take credit for the Aussies.

Seriously, you couldn't have just gone with a lemon meringue pie? You had to open this can of worms?

Megan, this isn't my blog, but as the wife of a Kiwi, I think we will have to have words. What's with the Canadian taking sides anyway?

I am Australian too... I know fighting words....

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