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July 01, 2010


AWWWW. That's so sweet. If he needs a dose of chicken to make him feel better, you could always send him to his crazy Auntie!!

Wow, how awesome. My 4YO needs a t-shirt that says, "And all I got was to watch some lousy silk worms."

School ended too soon. All they needed to do was to keep those chicks around for a few more weeks and 4YO would have more than shavings on his blankets! Right now with eight 6.5 week old chicks my the garage, I am OVER the poop everywhere. They are cute and all (now past their very awkward teenage stage), but they are quite capable of escaping their temporary enclosure and as a result the garage looks more like a barnyard. Needless to say, we are furiously working to finish the coop!

Better go, they are probably wanting their breakfast already. Being a farmer is HARD!

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