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June 17, 2010


Mulberry trees by the Charles? Would you be willing to divulge more about their location? I haven't eaten mulberries in years.

We went berry picking and didn't see no stinkin' turtles!! I feel robbed.

Mulberry trees right next to the chicken coop on the CSA farm. Same situation as you described, but my girls found enough to make them happy on the low branches. :-)

So what I'm getting here is that your kid is always right when it comes to all things nature-related. Wasn't there a thing about him knowing they were mulberries before you did?

I've got some serious black raspberry action going on in the woods around my house here in lovely Connecticut. The kids go nuts for 'em.

We had a mulberry tree in our yard when I was a kid - we just put old sheets on the ground under it and shook it good. I miss that tree.

That kid knows his birds!

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