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May 07, 2010


Wisteria smells like bologna to me.

Eh, but at least it isn't the dread tree Ailanthus - which blooms and ejaculates pollen EVERYWHERE. It's horrible stuff that smells like a dead wet cat. Which is how you know it's a boy tree.

True story.

lmaoooooo! Sorry Tammy - I know that it's a pain. Luckily Wisteria doesn't grow up here in the cold north but we have our own monster plant called a Trumpet Vine. The humming birds love the huge orange flowers that cascade down the vine. But, like Wisteria, the trunk can grow to amazing size and literally take siding, shingles and gutters right off your house. When we moved in 19 yrs. ago (!) I had one tearing off the south side of my house. I have been hacking it off ever since. Even Round-Up won't kill this thing - it just pops out of the ground 20 feet away and sticks it's ugly tongue out at me. So, good luck my dear. May the best human win!

Please, PLEASE, have your wisteria speak with mine. 12 years and NOT 1 bloom. It's mangulated my fence. I've hacked at it yearly, root pruned it per recommendations and alas, here we are, year 13 with not a single bloom.


Perhaps less wisteria in your wisteria ice cream? I mean...maybe I'm just too visual, but by color association I liked the idea of putting wisteria in ice cream to putting lavender in ice cream, and I hear that works well.

Also, your bit about the wisteria cocooning you reminded me of a chapter in "The Hobbit" where the dwarves...yeah nevermind.

I have a neighbor down the street where the Wisteria had taken over the entire front fence of their lawn. It's ginormous. It's in full bloom and simply beautiful to look at but thank God they don't live too close because I can see what a giant pain in the ass it is to control. May the force be with you, Tammy. Maybe you need to get yourself a lightsaber.

I will be completely kicked out of every single sustainable/ecofriendly group in the universe, but I have one word for you: gasoline. That's how we made our wisteria go bye-bye. Just a little bit poured on top of the stump with holes drilled into it. The next year, I had a few shoots (!!) but none this year. The problem is that the branches sucker and put down little self-sustaining roots. I feel for you.

Love the article...laughed so much...very visual! I love Wisteria but I'm rethinking for sure. Thanks

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