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May 09, 2010


Well, I'm jealous. I love mushrooms. The Boyfriend hates them.

How cool that you will have a mushroom garden! I've never been intrigued by the indoor sets, but I really like the idea of setting up outdoor logs that can generate 'shrooms for years to come.

even alice, the one in wonderland, would envy you

Mushrooms are so underused. They're like the bastard step-child in the produce department. I love 'em. Wish I could get my kids on board. Hail to the fungus!

that pasta looks amazing. i'm definitely putting that on my dinner menu soon. i love that you got more mushroom spawn. sounds delicious. happy inoculating!

That's such an adorable mushroom picture!

mushrooms, I love mushrooms.

Thank you, for all the hep you have given my husband and I as we search for a new home in the Boston area...we are still moving there but not quite yet... I may have more questions for you later.

I left an award for you on my blog... Cheers, Megan.

I just joined a MUSHROOM CSA! Because I'm not as productive as you..amazing you..

and you are freaking funny which is more important than productivity, at least some of the time.


Dad must be so proud...

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