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May 13, 2010


my boyfriend looked over and saw just the title of this post and nearly jumped out of his seat. he LOVES fried chicken, and LOVES masala chicken. i suspect i will be making this soon!

I've made the lemon balsamic chicken so many times (and posted it) more than I can count. I rarely cook anything fried...but I just may have to sacrifice it in the name of another great chicken recipe, a la Tammy.

I just bookmarked the recipe! I can tell I'll like this a lot!

I don't eat chicken but that looks fabulous! Maybe I'll make it for my family!

Thanks so much for including the recipe for the aloo gobi, both look fantastic!

We have chicken at least twice a week. I will write this one up! Thanks.

This sounds exceptional. And I'm not one for fried chicken, usually.

I made this last night for my family (including my three young kids) and it was ALL gone. We had one straggler thigh left in it's own zippie bag and tonight my husband was all serious and said "hey, do we have any of that chicken left?" Mind you this is after a Sunday night dinner out with dessert.

I am going to be totally American and make this for Memorial Day tomorrow for all of my friends. I think they are going to love it! Because it's Indian spices though does that make it un-American? Can't wait! This is a definite 'keeper recipe'. Thank you!

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