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May 04, 2010


That's quite a system you had set up! I feel exceedingly lucky to live in Cambridge! And I ended up having people over dinner who were in the boil-zone.

Tammy, I love this post. I cherish our convenient supply of water and am consciously grateful that we so rarely have to worry about it being contaminated, unlike so many people from developing countries.

We have a cottage where there is no running water that has been in our family for 3 generations. When we're there, our daily chores include carrying buckets of water up from the lake and distributing them throughout the house. We boil the water we intend to drink but just use regular lake water for dish-washing, tooth-brushing, and veggie-rinsing. When we go up in winter, the whole process is further complicated by having to hack through the ice and then keep the water from freezing once we get it up to the cabin (not so easy when the only mechanism of heat is a wood burning stove).

While some people may be horrified by the prospect of living this way, I absolutely love the whole process. The best tasting and most refreshing water I've ever tasted as been from that lake... mixed liberally with the sweat it took to lug the buckets around and chop the wood for the stove.

You guys are lucky to have water. In some regions here in the Philippines, water has been out for almot 2 months now. not to mention the scorching hot temperature.

What an intense few days. Thanks for making me grateful for the opportunity to take clean water for granted.

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