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April 13, 2010


You are my hero. I've been looking to an alternative to the salad spinner. Admittedly, pillow case never entered my mind but I suppose that's why you got into college and I didn't. I'ma have me some dry lettuce tonight!

funny post! your buttermilk recipe might help with my embarrassingly awful addiction to ranch dressing..

My 30-second vinaigrette is similar to yours, except that I use balsamic (The good kind, the kind you could do shots of), a pinch of sugar, and the mustard is a teaspoon. Put it in a jar you can shake vigorously and emulsify it until it looks like chocolate sauce. Yummmmmm.

Ha! Me too, ix-nay on the ottles-bay. Yegh.
I love making dressings, and you pretty much described the two I do most often.
Then there's one with ketchup. Special.

We've been bottled salad dressing free for a number of years now, too. The only problem is that I still never remember to make the dressing until the last minute, so the 30 second dressing tends to be the rule around here. I end up just eye-balling some vinegar, a bit of balsamic, olive oil and some S&P - shake and get to the table as the natives get restless. Any ideas on how to actually remember that there is no bottled salad dressing in the house (even after 6 years or so of same)?

My 30 second dressing is equal parts oil (sesame, olive), something salty (shoyu, fish sauce, mushroom soy sauce), and vinegar.

I make my own, too- it's just olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon, honey, and dijon. Although, there is a really great Newman's Own Northern Italian that does in a pinch- no hfcs.

Soul sista. I add a smooshed garlic clove to the bottle and just leave it in there. In Croatia, salad is served with just oil and vinegar or lemon. We couldn't even find dressing in the store. Lots and lots and lots of olive oils, vinegars, mustards, etc.

Annie's Roasted Red Pepper dressing is my favorite!

But I am really excited to try your buttermilk herb dressing; it sounds fantastic!

Since you asked--Annie's Goddess Dressing or Trader Joe's version, also called Goddess Dressing is a staple in our fridge. It has a mild tahini flavor that's not bitter at all. That and homemade vinaigrette although I'll admit to having a heavy hand with the sugar.

Annie's roasted garlic is divine. It is not as good as homemade, and def. pricey, but that is what I pay to be lazy. I am terrified they might be discontinuing it, as I only find it in one store now. I'll have to go homemade. Thanks for the recipes!

Embarrassing admission alert - I haven't bought store made bread in years, but I haven't been able to make a dressing that my husband likes! But I saw this today, and found RAMPS in the grocery store, so I used your vinaigrette recipe with 2 chopped ramps. It's pretty damn good, too. Thanks for the inspiration and guidelines!!!

"...whip your arm around real fast as if it were the sole windmill powering the entire Internet..."

I just laughed right out loud at my laptop. Thanks for that!

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