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April 28, 2010


I haven't been to Cabot's in a couple of years, but when I lived over there we used to go for weekend breakfasts and then order ice cream for dessert. Now that it is in my head, all I can think of is COFFEEMILKSHAKE COFFEEMILKSHAKE COFFEEMILKSHAKE.

Hand waving, jumping up and down

I know, I know


so when do we get to the HARD questions?

I'm going with C because it's so dramatic.

I now need Cabot's NOW. That was hands-down my favorite thing about living in Newtonville.

I'd choose C, personally. I hate to waste money, or food, and I love ice cream. Those flavors sound excellent, too. Some year, when I go on my New England vacation, I'll definitely stop at Cabot's.

So obviously, we should all get jobs scooping ice cream. If the money we fork over isn't for the volume purchased, it must go to salary (and fringe) for the time it takes to scoop 4 separate flavors. You know she'll have to rinse that scooper 4 times!

PS You know you could have offered to share with your dad.

I remember a place like this in DC growing up, but they served *8* scoops of ice cream. My mom let me get it once a year at the end of the school year. We never did finish it....

I vote for B. You seem like such a practical, waste-not-want-not kind of woman. No really, I'll guess C! :) It is ice cream we're talking about.

I would make fun of my daughter's gluttony save for the fact that I ate all my large sundae and half of Max's as well. I guess it runs in the family!

I would do C with no remorse and no shame.

It's totally C. And I would have done the same thing...but only after berating them.

MAHAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAAH!!! That's not shame you are feeling, that is regret that you didn't eat the first one completely and take a second one home for "afters"!

Well now, here it is 9:30 am and all I want is a 4 scoop/topping sundae... It's going to be a long day.

I think I could have guessed C even without the multiple choice =D

I must say that I'm very disappointed in all of your answers. The correct answer was (d) All of the above. First, I would agree to the half-portion, full-priced sundae. Then, five minutes later, I'd have a change of heart and order a small hot fudge sundae. But then, while I'm waiting, I'll somehow manage to convince myself that, no, I DESERVE that gigantic $8 sundae and flag down a random waitress with my new order since my original waitress now hates me. And when all 3 sundaes arrive at the table at once due to some unforeseeable miscommunication, I'd stick a finger into each one so they can't take them back.

God, it's like we don't know each other anymore.

You crack me up...Seriously love your site :)

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