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April 22, 2010


That looks so good! And I think the answer is yes, they do still yell at people at Durgin Park . . . .

Do I like Indian Pudding? Is it Indian Pudding that makes me puke... or Flan? Or butterscotch? Crap... looks like I'm going to have to make this recipe and find out.

How much maple syrup? I think some of the measurement is missing.

It has been years since I had Indian Pudding! I loved it as a child growing up outside of Hartford. Both my parents were from Vermont and understood the value of a good Indian Pudding!

No Indians were harmed in the making of this pudding.


i would like permission to reprint this recipe in our newspaper, Mazina'igan. It is a tribal newspaper that comes out three times annually.

Sue: Permission granted! Please credit Tammy Donroe, Food on the Food! Enjoy!

I don't know, Durgin-Park's is OK but my vote goes to the kitchen staff at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge...also Colonial Inn in Concord is very fine. I don't think you have to endure staff brusqueness (at D-P) to enjoy Indian Pudding.

What type of milk do you recommend for the recipe?? I am guessing skim would be very different than whole...

I am inspired to prepare and indulge in Indian pudding for the first time!

I've never tasted indian pudding. I guess I will have to try it :)

Just served your Indian pudding to Mom for her 86th birthday. We all loved it! It's a keeper!It was even better than what we had at Durgin Park in '83 when we did the Freedom Trail together!I used 2% milk, by the way.

Found this recipe in January when I was craving indian pudding and oh did it hit the spot! I have made it four time since then! I am wondering if I can double the recipe?

Janet: So glad you enjoyed it! I've never doubled the recipe, but I'm sure you could. Just be sure to increase the baking time some.

Judy: Glad it was a hit! Happy birthday to your mom!

Never made Indian Pudding. Thinking about giving it a try. Looks DELISH!

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