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March 10, 2010


I would fight over these.

You know we're all mad about you, but you trod on dangerous ground indeed when you affronted the memory of our Canadian grandmas, God rest them, by calling your cockamamie honeyed concoction--as tasty as it may be--a butter tart. That's like claiming that Vermont produces maple syrup! I'm pleased that you've done the honorable thing and renamed it. There is, after all, a limit.

darn! Now I want a butter tart!. We also make butter pecan tarts here, and I've had maple walnut tarts.

I'm confused, are butter tarts a canadian thing? I thought every one ate them...?

maybe it is the same as canadian bacon...

megan: I don't think we really know what they are. I'd like to find out someday, though.

sunny12: Then it's decided. I'm moving to Canada.

Barry: I'm glad that your Canadian grandma can now rest in peace. It will never happen again.

Amy: The Canadians are a peace-loving people. So I guess that means you'll probably win!

Okay, okay, I read about the Canadians and their butter tarts and not pissing off the Mexicans with the American thing. Is it still all right to make these tarts if I'm in Australia?

The world's a mess right now and I want to do the right thing. I'm American if that helps get me permission to try these delectable delights.

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