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March 21, 2010


ooh..a cold cellar

I'm so jealous! Well, not the rain, leak, and rodents, but a cold cellar - swoon.

Are you thinking of locking me in there? Because I don't like that idea.

Cold cellar? That looks like a wine cellar to me :)

Do you need more space to store squash?

Your basement walls look eerily like mine. I hope the GrouchGriller comes up with a husband that will complete the Cold Cellar reno for you!
(You can come to VA and visit while he works?)

Your root celler

I done thought what you're thinking, sister. It's a good thought. Go for it! I'm so glad we did.

Are you thinking that it sort of looks like someone tried to tunnel their way out after being locked in the little room? 'Cause that's what I'M thinking... :)

A punishment chamber for the children. I like your thinking.

All of that sounds like a great idea, especially the cold cellar. However, do remember the awful flood when you're fixing up the basement - don't put in any carpeting or other fabric (sofas, for example) that you wouldn't be comfortable throwing out after the next flood. Did the water get near the cold cellar? If so, you'll want to make sure that any glass is relatively secure - picking up the broken remnants of your new wine cellar would not be fun. Oh, and don't get rid of the drain! It sounds crazy, but some people have extremely short memories of natural disasters like this when they're rebuilding.

Margo: Thanks for the tips. We don't plan on finishing the basement with rugs or anything good. Just a rough space for building things and messy art projects. And, yes, the drains will stay. The rain we're getting in the next few days will be a good test of Husband's patch job.

Fish Sauce Hater: Thus far, the children haven't done anything bad enough to warrant solitary in that room. It's nice to have it in my back pocket, though. The spiders in there are HUGE.

Kate: It does kind of look like that, doesn't it? I wonder what secrets that chamber holds?

Kate (Frugal Life): Okay, then. I got me some shelves!

Clammer630: You betcha.

Susan: Hey, thanks! I will be calling in all superpowers for the job.

Holly: Good point! The designated squash area will only be a small fraction of the total space.

Julia: Great idea. Except I rarely have more than four bottles of wine in the house at any one time, and none of them worthy of aging!

Husband: Only time will tell.

andrea: I'm a little worried about a root cellar encouraging more rodents to seek lodging. Not sure what to do about that.

Tamidon: Right you are! Woo hoo!

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