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March 04, 2010


I think it's very appropriate to make something nice like this for your dear old Dad. He richly deserves it, and so much more.

I love chestnuts! I don't think I'd have the self-control to peel them for any purpose other than to eat them straight! I'll have to find someone who bakes and have them make this cake for me...

Disinterested Observer sounds like a "nut job". However, your sister could sure use some of this delicious looking food, what with her constantly feeling sick and putting on far too much weight...

Pity me.

Then send me some of this chocolate thingy.

Break the eggs into your HAND? So this is what they taught you at that fancy-schmancy culinary institute!

I command you to make this again! Command!

You must be a great cook and a sweet wife, if I used the word Command to my wife in any way (except if it were directing her to go jewelry shopping) she would SLAP me. Lucky man

"Unfortunately, the kids loved it, too." And they want to eat enough for four people!
Sometimes, we make something we know we will love, and the kids won't - Does that make us bad parents? Of course, when they grow and move away, it is lovely to share something wicked good.

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