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March 15, 2010


There's the shrimp shells ina sauces

Aw, I thought about you this morning. Good Morning America was covering the big storm up in the Northeast and mentioned Waltham, MA. Which is a city (town?) I had never heard of before reading your blog.

Hope you guys get your basement dried up soon. Yikes.

I feel your pain! My mom's basement had 8 inches of water that's taken me 2 days to pump out because of course there has to be PLENTY of drama to go with it including her heat going out and the pump crapping out every 10 minutes! So much fun.

I'll trade you your litter box for the old planter my mom had floating around. My husband thinking he was so hilarious, calls me over to look in. Of course there was a few dead mice in there. I screamed like a girl and ran away while he doubled over laughing. Lucky I love him!

Good luck sweetie. Clean up is next!

giovanna: That sucks! We got about 4 inches but it still made quite a mess. We're getting it cleaned up, though. Already there are some dry spots on the floor.

danish: Between the flooding and all the recent 30 Rock references, Waltham is finally on the map! Other facts about Waltham: it used to be a major watch manufacturer and is nicknamed the Watch City. It was also where butternut squash was developed. (I guess Squash City didn't make the cut!)

Clammer630: That's true, I could make sauces. P.S. Are you really a clammer?

This sounds amazing--and I'm somewhat bewitched by the notion of not having to peel shrimp for this.

I'm also thinking that I need to just buy a chinois already since you probably wouldn't want to float yours down to Seattle!

that looks delicious and sounds relatively straightforward! Will be trying the recipe myself one evening soon.

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