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February 08, 2010


I'm so happy you got out to the market! I'm hoping a few more garden centers will copy this idea.

It was wool day at the market--they have been doing all types of promotions-- excellent market management!

Tammy, I didn't know you were a kite person. We'll have to talk. Our little bag of stunt kites has been in storage for too long.


Considering I live in farm country, there's painfully little fresh local produce in the winter months. I'm a little jealous. I just make due with non-local fare available at ShopRite...

Oh, I'm a little jealous too- the market is gone over here from November till May. Maybe I'll come out there just to shop. Do you think driving three hours across the state to buy local produce is too ironic?

Alana: I'll bet next year there will be a winter market out where you are. Maybe three!

NurseJen: And thank goodness for supermarkets. I've got to feed my citrus need somehow.

Penny: I don't know if I'm a kite "person" per se. I mean, I don't glue shards of glass to the string or anything, but I'm happy to fly a kite!

This post has me very excited for my weekly Farmer's Market visit tomorrow - called off the weekend prior due to the crazy Philadelphia snow patterns. With my CSA pick-up this weekend too, lots to look forward to! Although can't say I'll have a greenhouse to keep me warm as I peruse... Thanks for your focus on fresh, local and seasonal, I really enjoy your blog.

Any tips on the POLENTA? I'm so excited we got some today. Ground yesterday! It looks gorgeous. We really enjoyed this market today and my only regret is I forgot to circle back for Lindsey's macaroons.

Being in a market that feels like an easy trip to the tropics made it hard not to fall for the Wayland market. I recently headed down to the Providence Winter Farmer's Market and was so impressed with how they had made it a fun activity for parents, kids and anyone who loves food. I am getting spoiled by the chance to have farm fresh eggs and organic greens from a farm. I hope this is a trend that keeps catching on!

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