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February 02, 2010


As a reader who has boobs and loves food, your recent decree to link the two henceforth has me intrigued! I shall follow along! :) Hope you're recovering well. And your ribs look good!

You've got some nice ribs there, but I promise not to stare.

On another note - it was funny seeing Nina Simonds' name there. I always forget she writes cookbooks. I am dear friends with her brother, Rob, who used to be my old boss...many years ago, when he ran an independent record label. I'm actually seeing him in a few weeks. Small, small world.

Glad to hear everything went well for you and you are recovering. Drooling over the ribs. Serious rib weakness in our house (with the 5 year old especially) and our local grass fed beef guy sells them at the coop. I am finding a post about ribs and breast surgery in the same post amusing and slightly unsettling.....in a good way!

Well, the "not suitable for viewing YET" gives me hope :-)

Looks great, pity I don't have the planning ability to make anything where prep has to start the previous day... ah well.

Welcome back, Tammy. Hope your recovery is speedy and...uh, rewarding. Here's to a new matched set!

"Yet" -- is this a subtle segue into format change a la "Naked Chef"? I'm all for keeping food au naturale, but you might need to put warnings on your homepage if you do that... Ribs look scrumptious, I'll have to try them!

Good god those ribs look fabulous.

Mmmmm...ribs. You have inspired me yet again, and made me laugh at the same time. I made your tortilla soup this weekend, with the homemade striiiiiiiiiiiiips, and it was deemed delicious by all who had some. This is on the list to try too.

I haven't eaten spareribs in... months.

Now I'm trying not to lick my computer screen.

Those ribs look awesome. If your boobs look half as good....you are golden. :-)

Welcome back, good to hear that that the "procedure" went well...

Thanks guys! I'm lucky to have such a cheering section!

Seriously, Tammy, you continue to inspire me with how you take the most ridiculous moments in life and find the best way to just laugh. Or at least to do so on the blog. The "cookies" were too funny. Let me know when I can bring you some soup for a change of pace, OK? We can have a "meet-up" at the Wayland Market!

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