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February 10, 2010


I met a woman a few years back who told me she didn't like cheese. My eye started to twitch and I almost fainted.

Manchester is one of my favorite cheeses. Sadly, I'm not sure Bardwell comes to my farmer's market anymore; they used to come down with Pat, from New England Farms, and he has (even more sadly) been sidelined by health issues. Very un-Valentiney.

I am not ashamed to admit I love cheese so much it once made me cry. This post, to me, constitutes food-erotica.

Well, it's pretty early in the morning, but it seems that now I have to have cheese and jam for breakfast. Do you have Monterey Chevre out in your part of the state? It continues to be my favorite local cheese- just fabulous. (I think with some blackberry jam?_

Womanchego! Brilliant.

I concur the tomme is splendid w/ rasp jam. we have that combo almost daily on toasted bread for lunch.

This inspired me to purchase Le Roule cheese with Cranberries at Russo's yesterday. It was even better than I anticipated. Thanks for the inspiration!

Susan: Ooooo, yum. I've never tried that. Glad I could help make it happen.

Emily: Sounds divine!

Sarah: Yes, I have to try it just for the name. And because I'm always on the lookout for a local alternative to my beloved Manchego.

Alana: I haven't seen it, but that doesn't mean it isn't here. I'll keep my eye out. Oh, how I love cheese.

NurseJen: There is absolutely no shame in that.

Kaela: Oh no. I'm sorry to hear that, and not just because your cheese pipeline has closed.

Amy: Not like it? That's just crazy talk. Has she tried all the different kinds? Surely she just meant Kraft singles??? The world doesn't make sense to me anymore.

So far I have tried only the Strawberry-Rhubarb + brie combo. It is delicious. The jam I bought at the Sudbury farmers market. The brie, i'm almost embarrassed to say, came from TJ's. But I ate it with some fabulous "Seeded" bread from Hi-Rise.

I plan to reference this post a lot and eat my way through the list of suggestions. :)

Thanks for your opinion!
I think, the cheese cake with fluffy texture plus rich and creamy taste could be the best one for everyone (?)

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