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February 05, 2010


For a throw-together dinner, that looks pretty darn tasty.

Pizza crusts are hard at home because the ovens don't get hot enough. I've come to putting the cookie sheet directly on the floor of the oven to get that intense direct heat. It works pretty well....

Good luck with all the recovery!

Pita pizza's are fun, my mum use to always make them for us kidlets when we were young many moons ago. Thank you for being inspiring and honest ...

ps. Julia, funnily enough I just posted something about awesome homemade pizza dough on my own blog...

Afflicted weight loss plan for 2010: Stomach flu...throw up every 2 hours for 24 hours. I don't recommend it.

Once I get my appetite back, I'm making that pizza.

That looks delicious. I think caramelized onions make anything tasty.

No boobage? Eh, well, there's still the food-porn (this pita pizza looks food-gasmic!)

All 3 varieties of the pita pizza are delicious. Family favorite.

I need to get a pizza stone. Those apparently get the crust going.

And I don't think anyone was *worried*, per se :-) As long as you are happy with the results...

Wouter: I have a stone, but I'm still not happy with how my homemade crusts come out even at top heat. But really the pita crusts are fine with me and less work.

Husband: Admit it. You wish they were all sausage.

NurseJen: I'm grateful that my photos are occasionally considered porn-worthy. I'll be happy when we have more natural light in a few months.

melch: I agree. Onions are underrated.

Amy: Ugh. I hope you're feeling much better and have a pizza pie all to yourself.

Megan: Your pizza looks awesome. Check it out, peeps: http://tomatotots.blogspot.com/2010/02/perfect-pizza.html

Julia: That's brilliant. Cookie sheet on the bottom of the oven. I'll have to try that. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the mention... I love pizza in all forms... Pita pizza's a are definite quick night dinner!

I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for a wonderful job!

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