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February 18, 2010


Frickin' hysterical because it is true.

Oh, did you know that I am a Thin Mint magnet? True story. I open my mouth and the Thin Mints just fly right in.

Sorry to Girl Scouts everywhere who have had to witness that terrifying sight.

I know it's so wrong, but my first thought was, "I can eat a whole box and it's not even 100% of my daily total fat? Awesome!"

Sigh... There is much work to do in my dietary world.

But look at all the iron you get!

And all the fiber and protein! It's practically your duty to eat the entire box. Thank you so much for relieving my guilt around this very issue.

8 grams of fiber?? And you may get a little more by gnawing on the box...

Hilarious...and very nice if you're on a cholesterol-free diet.
Enjoy your cookies!

Actually, what's the most amusing to me is that (IMHO) their cookies aren't even that good...I think this, as I scarf down 7.

Bahahahahaha. Fabulous. These are not my favorite. My favorite are Thin Mints. As soon as I get my delivery I shall be determing the damage one serving does.

I think I'm in Mara's world because my first thought was "only 1000 calories? That's better than I thought!" So TWO boxes is even less than my RDA for total calories.. hmmm.

But look at all that protein!

I used to enjoy coming here. :(

THANK YOU for calling them Samoas. That is how I remember them, from when I used to peddle them (walking, door to door, through various neighborhoods... versus the way mommy and daddy do it today, by taking an order form into work. Sigh.) That was also back when there were only about 4 varieties of GS cookies.

Samoas. Still my all time favorite. :)

Um I don't actually have that happen with Samoas (I refuse to call them Caramel DeLights.) Now if you could produce the nutritional information for an entire sleeve of trefoils, I'd be interested. Or maybe not. I think I could be in denial.

You know, that's not actually that bad. The whole box doesn't even meet the daily recommended fat allowance, and contains only a little over half of your daily calorie allowance. As far as I'm concerned, if I eat a whole box of Somoas and a few rice cakes, I've had a nice balanced day.

This is hilarious! I haven't have Samoas in ages because I can't help but finish a box once it is open- especially frozen!

where do you come up with this shit? are you sure you don't want to rethink your career choice (comic?)

I just killed a box of these yesterday, and you're so right about the serving size. I managed to ration myself and took 3 days to eat the box myself - an all-time record! FYI, Samoas still exist - they're made by Little Brownie Bakers, whereas the Caramel Delights are made by ABC bakers.

Sarah: I haven't seen Samoas around these parts since high school. I wonder why we're stuck with the infinitely inferior Caramel deLites up here? Probably just as well. Congrats on your new 3-day record. Impressive!

Calamity Jane: And give up all this?

jillian: Freezing them? Hmmmm. Intriguing.

Jess: I believe that makes me what they call an "enabler." I'm happy to help.

Mary: I'm not familiar with your crazy Trefoils. I refuse to acknowledge the other cookies, except for the occasional thin mint crushed over vanilla ice cream.

Laura: Ah, the carefree days of our youth. Child molesters ruin everything.

Katherine: I'll try to make it up to you some other way.

Mary: Yes, protein. Good point. And fiber.

kaela: So I ruined someone's day and made someone else's. Karmically speaking, I just about broke even on this post.

MidLifeMama: Enjoy. I think the serving size for thin mints is 3, so the whole box should come in well under 1,000 calories!

Amy: They've probably gotten cheaper, smaller, and crappier over the years like everything else. Nothing is sacred.

Karen: I find it hard to believe that they're actually cholesterol-free. I wonder if it's like the transfat labeling rule where they can say it's 0% if it's under 1/2-percent per serving size? It says 0% transfats on the nutrition label, but there are clearly transfats listed on the ingredient label (which I didn't include). Kind of misleading if you ask me.

Lisa: How did you know I was gnawing on the box?

pennifer: I'm here to help!

Harrison3: That's true. My red cell counts are still low, and Samoas are far less constipating than iron pills!

mara: It's a work in progress. We do our best.

Annabelle: I'm glad your predilection is for thin mints so we won't get our magnetic forces crossed. Now that would get ugly.

I don't know from frozen, but try those "Samoas" microwaved for like 10 seconds... mmmmm....

They changed the name? Uh, no Girl Scouts, I'm an old biddy, I will call them Samoas thank you. I am convinced these cookies have drugs in them. I don't understand how crappy box cookies are SO ADDICTIVE.

So a box and a nice mixed green salad with a very light vinaigrette and My Pyramid will be complete. Excellent.

The first thing that I did for curiosity's sake was look at the label and then, ate half a box of the thin mints and samoas in one sitting. I did the same the next day. I am ashamed but coping; they only come around so often, whatever. They aren't even in my top 10 cookies.

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