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January 03, 2010


who ever has bubbles left over?

What does elderflower liquer taste like?

elderflower is sorta berry-like... or maybe lychee-like? It's a hard flavor to describe. Best to just make yrself a drink.

I just wanted to thank you for your cancer posts. It's my turn to go down that road and you have given me the courage to be equally open about my journey. Good luck to you for continued good health in 2010! (oh and wish me luck through my treatment, please!)


Hilarious. As usual.

Karen: Have you been drinking?

CC: oxoxox

GeoKaren: I've e-mailed you.

Howard: Good advice. I'm liking this book, BTW.

Suzanne: The only adjective I seem to be conjuring up is "floral," but I'm sure you could have gathered that by the name. They sell St. Germain in little nips for under $5 if you want to try it. One nip will make two drinks.

Megan: It was a long shot, but worth a try.

St. Germain was my holiday mixer this year and offered it to whomever would try it! For my taste I think it is quite like lychee with a hint of floral. I loved it with a little cranberry and club soda. Also, a lycheetini with vodka, st. germain, a splash of cranberry an a lychee garnish. I agree - try one of the small airline size bottles - that's how I tried it. Loving it, I bought a gift box size that included a free swanky cocktail beaker/carafe/pitcher.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but grapefruit juice is contraindicated with many medicines, including the stuff that you might be taking to deal with cancer (like the stuff that I take). So ask your doctor before you drink any more of these (or maybe just substitute orange, lemon or lime juice?).

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