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January 21, 2010


Can't go wrong with that combination! How's your ginger plant doing?

I agree with Andrea! You're growing ginger in winter? I tried that one year with miserable success, so I stick to growing in the summer only. What's your secret?

That fish and those green beans look SO good! I've already got my Saturday night dinner planned. Thanks! I'll let you know how the family likes it.

I think photographing white fish on white rice would be akin to photographing a polar bear in a snowstorm.

It sounds mighty tasty though and I'm bookmarking it to try it!

Mary: Or in this case a polar bear in a snowstorm wearing a white dress. Yes, I should probably give composition more thought.

Ruth: Hope you guys like it!

Julia: My secret is that my father-in-law gave me a plant and Husband has been watering it. So far so good.

Andrea: Well, now that I think about it, the leaves have been turning a little brown lately, but my father-in-law says that happens in the winter and new leafage (leafage? stupid chemobrain) should come back in the spring.

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