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January 12, 2010


I love the opportunity to try Indian inspired dishes for the chance to try different spices like tumeric. I find these different flavors really refresh the palate.

mmmmm. That looks and sounds amazing. Have you considered trying out a Spanish-style approach too? Well, specifically Basque? their cod is famous. it wouldn't differ wildly from the Italian style I have to say - tomato, onion, garlic, possibly red peppers...

Fish is what I prefer when it comes to all out eating experience! I eat pork and beef but not that fond like the fondness I have for fishes!

small house plans: I like the fishies, too.

Maria: Sounds like a great idea. I've just been reading Mark Kurlansky's book, Cod, in which I learned all about the Basques and their secret fishing grounds off the coast of the New World. Fasinating.

suzanna: Agreed! Also, I just bought a new jar of turmeric, and it's soooooo much more flavorful that the old bottle I finished off that had been around for years. Things are tasting even better these days.

This recipe was extremely good.

Made this and loved it!

seems good going to try it

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