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January 05, 2010


I love it!! Reminds me so much of my Nan - she would stock pile kleenex in one of their guest bedrooms, just because she "had a coupon."

Hey, it was free to her, too. But. Grape jelly? Yeek. Dear heart.

this sounds like a trip to the grocery store with my mother...she's never met a bargain she can't pass up.

I think my wife should read this post. She has the same symptoms.

Joe: It's quite catchy!

suzanne: I can fully relate to bargain-shopping, but what I don't understand is buying something that you can't eat. Even if it's on sale, you're still paying for something you otherwise wouldn't be spending money on. That's no bargain at all, if you ask me.

CC: Well, 50% of what she bought was free. Not the other 50%.

Amy: Ah, but tissues will always get used! Same with toilet paper. Buy up!

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