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January 26, 2010


Praying for a speedy recovery for you.
Gosh, I hope you'll do a blog featuring booba ganoush...

I think it is fair to say that no topic is off limits if one is singing the praises of their boobs on a blog! Speedy recovery.

Booba Ganoush! Ha hahahhahaha please do it.
I'll post a boob-food post complete with photo on my blog, too, in solidarity!

Hope all goes well - look forward to having you back! Sarah

Good luck!! the stretching of the muscle part sucks, but it's for boobs! New ones! wishing you a speedy recovery. You could do a food porn post like Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations. . . .

heh, boobs -- nice.

Um, is this the post you were talking about WRT the shrimp share?

tallasiandude: Yup. The shrimp are yours. Hear that, everybody? Hands off.

Thanks for the comments, Cheryl, Sarah, Aimee, Megan, Roslyn! I'm off.

I really don't think nipples are optional. :) Best of luck to you!

Tammy! Thanks for the Valentine's present idea. The cookies. Good luck with your surgery! Hopefully what "they" say is true and you will be able to go braless from now on.

Keeping you in my thoughts today and wishing you a speedy recovery.

So I find your blog and finish reading your entire archive on the day you have reconstructive surgery. Crap. I hope it went well. But my comment has nothing to do with boobs.

I've enjoyed reading your blog because you write funny very well. You made me laugh out loud, and then I had to read to my Husband. Also, I'm not sure they should let me graduate from culinary school either (in June, hopefully). If anyone asked me to plan a menu, the sound of my brain's gears grinding to a halt would be deafening. You're a kitchen queen compared to me.

I also wanted to cheer you by sharing one of my own moronic moments. Recently, the first thing I did after a friend in an arm sling told me her story of falling and dislocating her shoulder and suffering horrible pain was PAT HER HURTING SHOULDER!
Can we have a club or something?

WTF is Kirsch?

And.....I hope everything goes well. Speedy recovery! :)

Hope its a quick recovery! Be well.

I'm all for some boob posts. Finger crossed for a speedy recovery.

Kirsch is cherry liqueur.

Good luck for an uncomplicated procedure and a speedy recovery.
You know the best thing to ensure a speedy recovery is lots and lots of cookies right?

Peach melba! Hooray for boobs, especially yours to come.

Well, think of it this way...millions of women everywhere would love the chance at getting a new/different set of boobs.

Big fat squishy hug to you, Lady.

Well, happy new boob!
Hope you surgery is uneventful and your recovery quick and as painless as possible.

You rock. I stalk your blog for witty and highly amusing food commentary, and now even my 12-year-old self finds something of interest. Just wanted to say thanks for clever writing -- perhaps that dry wit is a New England thing?-- and wish you the best of luck with the whole boob thing. :)

FOTF best of luck for your big outing! Can I say - I enjoy your blog so much I even subscribed (a first for me!).
Laughing and learning are so complimetary!

Hope surgery is uneventful and the results are symmetrical.

Also, please do not hold out on the eggless cookie recipes anymore!

Oh please, please, please you have to share the google results that lead people to your blog now. The squash will likely take a backseat to this one!

Thinking of you and your boobs (wait that didn't come out right.)

Thanks for the update! Hope all has gone well for you. I love that you made boob cookies to commemorate the occasion!

Thanks again, I hope everything went well.

Hope everything went well and your new boob is marvellous in every way (though perhaps not in the gigantic size department). Just another step to putting all that cancer crap behind you. Onward, upward, and boobward!

You go girl!!

And I can tell you from personal experience that the larger sized breasts are HIGHLY OVERRATED.

Completely cheering you on here.

Thanks, everybody. I really appreciate the nice comments!

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