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December 28, 2009


Sounds pretty nice actually. Sorry I missed it.

Sounds like a perfect meal to meal--it's not how much trussing you do or how many hours it takes to prepare. As long as it induces at least two hours of afternoon coma I consider it a success.

Now, do tell about those grapefruit mimosas . . .

Any day with a three hour nap sounds like a great day. Right now, I'm browsing the web, waiting for my caramels to cool. I already licked the pot clean...

Your strata looks delightful!! Though, I'm most admiring of your fireplace fire... oh the things you could cook in there.

NOM - that strata looks good! Unfortunately my Christmas was more like your previous Christmases this year. Illness and mishaps abounded! It must've been karma balancing the universe out after all of my stellar Christmases past. Fucking karma. Glad (jealous and bitter) your Christmas was Merry and Bright! Cheers!

Funny, I'm making a spinach/artichoke strata with pepper jack cheese and grapefruit mimosas for my annual New Year's Morning "jammie party"!! We call the mimosas "pinkerbells"! Vanessa

Wish I could have been there. Of course then you'd have the whole vomit thing to deal with again this year...

We made strata too! Gruyere and spinach...
When I read your posts I keep thinking how great of an author you would be...btw. I am still new enough to your blog to not know if you have published, but I have really enjoyed your blog!

Great Gift of the Magi analogy. That made me laugh, bringing back memories of a television movie made YEARS ago, based on this premise, staring Marie Osmond? I must have been 8 or 9 at the time.

More importantly - Goat Cheese and Artichoke Strata? Hello. Drool..drool. (But alas, two of Paul's least favorite ingredients. Damn him.)

Your strata looks mouth watering interesting dish and this is the first time saw this thanks any ways.

Medical Treatment: No, thank YOU.

Amy: I missed that TV movie. Bummer. It would have gone nicely with my Donnie and Marie vanity set that got so much use!

Seaweed Snacks: So nice of you to say. I've written for magazines and newspapers, but book publishers have proven to be harder to trick!

Sis: May next year be vomit-free for both of us!

vanessa: You know what they say about great minds...that they love them some pinkerbells!

geek+nerd: Stupid karma. Don't worry, karma is going to get what's coming to it eventually. Hope your New Year's Eve is much better.

Julia: I've often thought that...hanging a pot in the fireplace and cooking something, Pilgrim-style. It would have to be a really small pot, though.

melch: Don't keep me in suspense. How did they come out?

Robert: Yes, grapefruit mimosa recipe coming right up. In the meantime, don't throw away any leftover New Year's champagne (as if).

Dad: Tonight was just as nice! Hope you liked the fudge and caramels.

Well, the first success was that I didn't burn the house down, burn any skin off of myself, and didn't ruin any pots.

I heated to somewhere between 136 and 138 and they didn't seem to set. Since I know that if fudge doesn't turn out, you can reheat and re-boil, I just now reheated the caramel 156. Since I've never done this before, I tried what I've seen in TV and dropped a little bit into some cold water until the consistency was more like putty than ... (I just can't figure out a better analogy than snot). If the stuff I'm licking off the spoon is any indicator, I may have something that will actually keep its shape once cool. If not, I guess I'll just have to spoon it all for myself.

I'm at sea level and the winters aren't too dry so I guess that could explain the temperature difference.

I'm also crossing my fingers because I accidentally got wax paper instead of parchment paper so I hope things don't taste like bees. We'll see in a couple of hours (or tomorrow if I fall asleep early).

Artichoke and goat cheese strata? I (and the huge quantity of stale bread in my freezer) like this idea a lot.

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