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December 24, 2009


mmm! A friend's father just send him honey from his own apiary (still in the comb). This would be fun recipe to try! And to follow in your footsteps, I'll use the same sources for cream and butter :)

Yum. Ooooey Goooey Caramels...wish I had some right now. They would be a nice addition to the cookies Haley and Trevor just helped me make for Santa.

Merry Holidays, Tammy.

I am actually going to try this. I even bought a candy thermometer just for this recipe today. My only question is where does the salt go in? I have read this over four times and cannot find the instruction for the salt anywhere. Sprinkle on top? Melt in with the honey and sugar?

Merry Christmas!!

Looks like they ship well...

I don't want to do all the wrapping, but this looks so good I feel like I have to try it. I do need to make some thank-you gifts...

MidLife Mama: You'll find the salt on line two of paragraph 4.

Copyediting: That was my bad. I added it in after I saw her comment! (P.S. How are you?)

melch: Yeah, screw the wrapping. That just makes it take longer to get to your mouth anyway!

Sis: I might worry they'd go rancid sitting for hours on a Hawaiian tarmac. But we could try it.

MidLifeMama: In with cream and butter. Sorry about that.

Amy: And to you. Santa always loves these.

Julia: Most excellent! Let me know how it goes. Be sure to see my addendum about the temperature.

Interesting. I've been keeping an eye out for caramels that don't use corn syrup (blech) - the best I've come up with so far was Lyle's golden syrup, which is near and dear to my pseudo-Brit heart, but not very local. Not sure why I didn't think of using honey.

Something to try out in the new year, I think.

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