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November 18, 2009


Why are there no Mounds in any of the multipacks of candy? Almond Joys up the ying yang, but no Mounds. It is discrimination I say.

You sound like a smart Mama, or litigation attorny, or both!

I got a couple of peanut butter cups too... but they are three and didn't know any better, my husband did and was none too pleased.

A friend visiting our apartment absent-mindedly reached into the 3YO's halloween bucket and started eating the candy. Now if you can imagine this 3YO being speechless.....

If only Miranda knew her Miranda rights. Specifically the one about remaining silent. The Halloween candy in our house was gone the next day. Barf.

Haley is all about the tootsie rolls and lollipops...my two least favorites. I consider it a win-win.

Just minutes after reading your post, I stumbled upon my 3 year old's stash of Halloween candy. I'd "hidden" it in a little push wagon that his 1 year old brother uses, but that we'd confiscated for being rammed into walls, furniture, etc. I'd looked EVERYWHERE for that candy, and lucky for me he forgot about it. Still haven't decided if I'm sharing. Maybe he can have the Baby Ruth.

Our dog ate all of ours. Not only were we "candy-less", we were engulfed in dog fart for days.

wait, there are people giving out 2-packs of peanut butter cups around here?!

Interestingly, I have no recollection of having my halloween candy consumption managed by my parents. Have times changed or is it just an age or regional thing? (I can't remember how young I was when I first went trick-or-treating growing up in Southern California.)

tallasiandude: We plot our route around the people who give out full-sized candy bars. As for parental candy management, that's just how it was for me growing up. And then you become your parents.

kitchensink: Oh, that's tragic! Tragic and stinky.

Sprouts in the kitchen: I say finders keepers!

Amy: Definitely a win-win. My kids love the fruity candies whereas I think you know where my loyalties lie. I'm enjoying these days when the kids will share their chocolate without TOO much complaining.

Sis: Sounds like the awesomest night ever.

Carolyn: That's pretty funny. And, yes, speechless is hard to believe.

Megan: Enjoy! Next year will probably be different.

Suzanne: Or maybe my mouth was just too full.

MidLifeMama: Spoken like a true Mounds lover. I say sue for coconut-y reparations.

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