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October 29, 2009


How much are you freezing vs. cooking? 1/2...2/3's

I participated over the summer, and though it was too much fish for me, I did enjoy the process of filleting and cooking my own fresh fish. Word to the wise - it may not be an issue now that the weather has turned much colder, but any fish remnants in an outside trash can + warm weather + several days before trash pickup = a big, big stinky mess. I found it helpful to keep all the parts in the fridge until the morning of pickups.

I would absolutely do this if it was an option at our CSA. Plus, I'm sure there are raccoons in our neighborhood that would appreciate my generosity as well. :-)

I love the fresh fish. I also love battling the raccoons at 2am in my underwear, armed only with a broom. They are just so darned CUTE with their lobster bibs on, making a mess of the garbage.

It sounds great, but I know I'm not woman-enough to clean my own fish . . . . and then there's the small problem of everyone else in the family only liking cod. So a regular CSA works for us, but (bummer) not the CSF.

"after missing the boat" ... snerk.

My Farmboy is an avid fisherman, and we currently have many many pounds of yellowfin, bluefin, bass, trigger, and blackfish in my freezer from this summer. I recently suggested to him that he and his friends (the ones with the boats) team up to do a sort of CSA for fish, having no idea that actually existed. He said "pah, wouldn't work." Now I can shove your blog (so to speak) under his nose and say "PAH yerself -- it would too work!"

NurseJen: Wow, that's a lot of fish!! So let me get this straight, you get fresh vegetables AND fresh fish from this Farmboy of yours? You're the luckiest girl! As for the fish CSA concept, it's been pretty popular around here for the 9 months it's been around, and seems to be growing.

CC: Yeah, there wasn't going to be any filleting last summer, I'm afraid.

Sarah: I hear the summer CSF was chock full of cod! However, that doesn't help with the filleting thing (they do gut them for you, though).

Husband: Watch out for Old Man Inman. Raccoon batting practice starts at dusk.

Judy: The raccoons will absolutely love you. They will serenade you from the bushes under your window and whimsically decorate your yard with found objects.

Gail: Good idea. Luckily, our fish pick-up is Wednesday and trash pick-up is Friday. But even two days in the summertime would yield disgusting results, I'm sure.

Tamar: I started out freezing half, but now I think I'll freeze two-thirds. The kids love the fish, but we do have trouble eating that much at a time. Might as well spread it out.

my husband had read about this CSF and it cinched his resolve to move to boston.

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