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October 13, 2009


That was news worth be dragged over for.

And since all I have to offer is inanity: Yay, Hair!

hi! long time reader here, coming out of the shadows. This is fabulous news. We've been rooting for you!


Love it, love it.

Paul voluntarily shaves his head in the summertime, and I really enjoy the 2-week growth period when there's soft fuzz. I tend to rub his head a lot. Okay, that sounded perverse... anyway, if we were real life friends, I would ask to feel your fuzzy head, sort of like people feel the need to rub pregnant bellies.

And Steak-Umms? LOL. Oh my. I had forgotten all about those.

I've had a lot of coffee today. And I don't usually drink coffee. You can see why.

And here I was wondering where you found local peaches so late in the season!

Seriously, the eyelashes to too? That is just cruel. At least it isn't the eyebrows: http://www.biowizard.com/pmabstract.php?pmid=12729380

That's great news. Still reading and cheering you on, even when I don't manage to comment that often!

Yay!! Hair!! I (sort of) know how you feel. I donated the do' to Locks of Love (shaved it right down to the nubbin) and boy howdy... it was cold. I've made it to the point where my hair is almost even at my chin. It's a good feeling. Congrats!!

This is an important milestone dear heart, revel in that fuzz! And "drag us over anytime"; I love your writing and check you every day.

That's great news!

Awwww FANTASTIC sweetie!!

Never worry about dragging us over for such great news! I'm so damn happy for you!

I too check here almost every day. You always manage to put a smile on my face no matter what the subject is!

It's always worthwhile to write (and read) any post that contains good news.
Way to go Tammy!


Very cool!
Maybe its time I got a wig, my hair looks pretty terrible most of the time...

I noticed when I watched 'my sisters keeper' on the plane (bad idea, I weeped a lot!) that they all had lots of eyelashes in chemo and I thought it was a bit odd...

Jenny: I think losing your lashes depends on the type of chemo and how long you're on it. I didn't lose mine until over a month after chemo ended. Weird.

Cindy: Loved getting your letter! I'll be in touch soon.

Karen: Yes, focusing on good news is important.

giovanna: Thanks for always leaving such nice comments!

adele: Thank you!

musingegret: Yes, I'm loving the fuzz. Thanks for always coming around!

Kasumi: What an awesome thing to do! You rock. And, yes, now that the temperature is dropping, my head gets so cold if I'm not wearing a wig. Tell me, how long did it take for you to grow your hair to chin-length?

Kalyn: Thank you. I hope to be back over to BlogHer soon.

andrea: The eyebrows have thinned considerably, but there are still traces left. That's an interesting study you linked over to. I wonder if that's why when I ask the children to do something, they just look right past me?

Amy: Go, Paul! Here's to fuzzy heads.

aimee: Word.

Lisa: Thanks for saying hi! I always love to meet a new/old reader.

Jeena: Inanity is always welcome. Thanks!

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