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October 15, 2009


Ah, what I wouldn't give to see some pretty leaves like that! Minnesota doesn't play fair. She cuts our summer short, and skips over fall...right into winter. It's already snowed a few times and all the leaves are just left for Paul to rake up. Bleh.

Protein is important. And you have kale. Kale is very healthy!

darn it that looks delicious! i may have to make kale and eggs for lunch today..mmmmmmmmmm

Yeah, I've read about the 80% raw, no sugar, dairy, meat (don't forget no alcohol diets), too. I was going to tell you about them, but I didn't have the nerve!

You can stop reading that stuff. I was a long-term vegetarian, natural foods eater, non-smoker, who exercised daily and was a healthy weight. I still got cancer. That was something that really irked me - I did everything "right," everything I was supposed to do, and I still got cancer. Not fair. At all. My view now is that you might as well eat what you like, and eat what makes you feel good physically, in moderation and in variety.

Your breakfast (lunch) looks tasty, and healthy too. Certainly the leaves around here are beautiful this year. Glad you're starting to feel better and grow your hair back. Take care.

So glad to see Sobaka's comment!

And that you're enjoying eating and cooking again is wonderful thing!

I'm with Sobaka - moderation in all things. Although I did a diet makeover after cancer (a life makeover, really), I definitely still indulge in supposedly unhealthy stuff regularly. Just small amts. I never thought of kale under the egg before, only spinach - you've inspired me . . . and now I want sausage.

Everything in moderation... including moderation.

have you seen yet the book called Healing With Whole FOods? by Paul Pitchford? I actually really love this book, and it's totally over the top author. something about no hole's barred radicalism is endearing to me. annoying, but endearing.
anyway, he has a lot of recipes in the back. my favorite is for sprout salad (he's WAY into sprouts) it goes something like this:
arrange a ring of radish sprouts around the outer edge of a plate, then arrange another ring of lentil sprouts inside the outer ring. place a pile of onion sprouts in the middle!
that's it. the end.

Calamity Jane: I'll have to check out that book. I do love me some sprouts. Thanks for the tip!

NurseJen: I love that! Words to live by.

Sarah I: Yeah, I might be tempted to make radical changes, but I know they won't stick. Maybe some little, sustainable changes. I'll definitely exercise more. I'm committed to that. But I'll never give up cheese willingly. Never.

Julia: Things almost feel normal around here again. Yay!

Sobaka: That's a very good perspective to have. I like it. And, yeah, Cancer's an idiot.

andrea: I wouldn't have had the nerve, either. I gave that book a piece of my mind!

sarah: I'm a sucker for runny egg yolk saucing up my greens.

adele: Yes, yes. We'll focus on the kale part.

Amy: I feel like all you guys over there deserve a nice fall before the hideous winters you get. A little something to ease you into it. Ah, well. Life, as we know, isn't fair.

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