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October 19, 2009


I love the thought that all the guys are getting competitive over cake decorating!

i have two in diapers and I dream of a day, nay I shant say it. great cake.

Uh, HELLOOOOO I live in that neighborhood, sort of, and have seen NO CAKE whatsoever. WTtheheck.

However, nice cake.

For Haley's 1st birthday I made Kaluha Coffee Cake, and for Trevor's 1st birthday I made Piña Colada Cupcakes. Clearly, I am not a good role model.

Haley has begged me to be "normal" and make her something with princesses on it when she turns four in February.

Maybe Trevor will get these trains when he turns two. Love it!

Nice team effort! Now I want cake. It's a horrible thing to be addicted to a food blog.


Just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing.

Love the blog. Thats a great post on Sidi's lamb stew and enjoyed reading about not so organic catch on fishing day : ). Hot dog for bait...never thought of that. Sounds like an idea.

Stay well.


I am inspired, I am trying to make food more fun (including desert). I may have to make a cake for no other reason that to impress my three yr olds!

Megan: Husband made a regular round cake for the adults and, I have to say, eating the train cake was way more fun!

Hafiz: I caught up on your blog as well. I love the look of those grapes. I have a recipe coming up that might be of use to you.

melch: It's really unfortunate that food blogs don't come with free samples.

Amy: On the contrary, you're the best sort of role model!

MidLifeMama: The train got eaten before he finished making all of his stops!!

maybelles mom: Yes, I know how important it is not to jinx it. For us, it took over a year to make it happen. Good luck to you.

Pam: Me, too. And love that we all get to benefit from it.

Train cake SO CUTE. And I'm really glad you're doing well. I haven't cooked anything but hot dogs and mac and cheese in ages (why didn't somebody TELL me that kids fuck up your cooking groove, both by being underfoot every minute and by NOT EATING ANY FRICKING THING WITHOUT THE WORD "KRAFT" ON THE BOX??)

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