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October 21, 2009


I got all pavlovian as soon as I read Manchego cheese do you have a recommendation on where to buy some good manchego?? You know, other than flying to Spain.

Annabelle is right, canning is addictive. I've got the bug too!

I just posted about applesauce! The fam headed out to an apple orchard this past weekend and we picked so many apples. Doesn't get fresher than that. So I made applesauce. And it was heavenly.

I've had the book "Putting Food By" on my kitchen shelf for about...4 years now. But have never used it. I must learn about this caning business. Fast.

I don't have the space or budget for canning equipment. I keep reminding myself of this fact. And I have friends who can, and have shared their bounty, so I don't really need to...

But that grape jam looks very, very good.

would dare stop you. how else would get my vicarious canning fix.

Peanut butter wouldn’t know a classy jam if it kicked him in the nuts.

im still recouvering from laughing

I have two words for you- caramel applesauce. Really, really good.


wow. just discovered your lovely site 'cause i'm the blogger of that 'cool canning blog' you listed up there.

yes girl, let those apples have it! 'cause once you start jammin' there's no turning back.

trust me! :)

Be very careful. My local chapter of Canners Anonymous is filled with people like you. Don't ask me how I know.

I don't can, I just watch others and wait to eat. But with concord grapes, the little ones, I love to stick them in a freezer for an hour or two, then eat them cold with a nice white wine. Better than potato chips, and fantastic for indian summers

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