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October 05, 2009


what wonderful news...enjoy the fall.

Thrilled to hear you're on the road back to Normal (if there is such a thing). And now that food tastes good again, get cooking!

Happy birthday and many, many more.

L.O.V.E hearing this. (And the look of that cake!)


I just found your blog and I'm already bookmarking some recipes on it. Congratulations on feeling normal again! You don't know me, but I'm sending you good vibes in hopes that one can never have too many good vibes! :)

YAY!! I'm going to open a bottle of wine to celebrate (don't worry, I'll help you finish yours).

LOL, maybelles mom, I'm a sucker for puns. Tammy, super happy for this post! You are an amazing person.

Happy, happy birthday! Here's to more running and less crawling.

Yay!! You don't know me but I've been lurking here for a while. I love your blog and love that you are getting back to health. Cheers.

I am an excellent swimmer.

Yay! You're back :-)

I'm glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery. Happy birthday!

Glad you are feeling better Tammy

Happy belated birthday!! I like that cake... But best of all - you feel better!

Seriously, you're going to show us THAT picture and then not give us the RECIPE?!! You are a cruel, cruel woman.

I'm so pleased that you are begining to feel a bit better Tammy. I've bben following your progress and rooting for you.


So glad that you are feeling better, Tammy. Your spirit is indomitable!

Everybody: Thanks again for all of your encouragement and kind words. They always lift my spirits!

WOO HOO. that is all

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