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October 27, 2009


Me: Spitting out my coffee. Thanks for the laugh.

You just made me laugh so loud in my very quiet office. People will be staring at me the rest of the day. I could just hear that conversation...."What are you talking about? I swim all the time." LOL


You guys are hilarious.

I am an excellent swimmer.

your husband might classify me as gold medal material. have done the crawl stroke or been in pool since 1998.

thanks for sharing this! so funny. i pretty much stand around in the water unless no one else is around and then i do underwater flips.

Bwahahahahaah! Oh, that's too good.

Are you sure you even know his real name?

Your friends must love when you invite them over so they can witness first hand the very funny banter you two have!

I am laughing my head off. In my (limited!) experience, marriage is full of this type of discovery about how ones partner interprets things too. You just have to go with it!

That was absolutely hysterical!

Irrefutable video evidence - I think you can tell which one is me.


Hey, are you gonna eat that chicken tikka masala?

Barry: It's all yours. If you can pass a simple swimming test I've set up.

Husband: The one with the life jacket?

Chris: Glad you thought so!

Kalyn: It's true! And it's much better when you both end up in stitches over it rather than full of vicious anger. We're about 50/50 on that.

Seaweed Snacks: Unfortunately, the banter doesn't end up like that too often. Husband is much funnier than I am in real life, and it's hard to keep up.

Amy: Now that you mention it...No.

Lina: *Husband takes a bow*

Allison: Underwater flips definitely count as swimming since you're moving and underwater. Which reminds me--those are really fun!!

maybelles mom: Heck, I'll classify you as gold medal material. I may know how to swim, but I'm no Phelps.

Husband: Someday, I hope to bear witness to this.

Sam, Adrienne, Karen, Amy: So glad you enjoyed. Husbands--can't swim with them, can't swim without them!

I swim at the beach too. Especially when the the bathrooms are really far way.

Does a bath count? HAHAHA! Cracking up over here...

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