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September 25, 2009


I too am a member of the secret eaters club, or at least I was until I left home and found out that, other than my mother, people don't care or judge that much about what/how much I eat, especially if it's delicious! But it really messes you up, doesn't it! I feel your pain!

Once again, the question arises as to whether I know Ed better than I know myself.

My own fun fact: living at home post-college, in my first dead-end job with a miserable excuse for a boss and cowed co-workers who found it convenient to blame their mistakes on me, I found a friend in solitary lunches that got steadily more "satisfying." Pictures of me from this period are not a pretty sight.

I’m a bit of a secret eater myself, but I rarely get away with it. My TMJ is too loud. The kids (or Husband) will be in the other room and as soon as I start chewing, someone’s all over me asking what I’m eating. God, people, leave me alone!

With two little kids and two Beagles, I can't get away with hiding any food - they seek me out. They have food radar chips, secretly planted in their heads, and as far as I'm concerned, all FOUR of them are Hounds.

Portion control is a bitch who deserves to be slapped (twice). We should start a "Secret Eaters" Anonymous. I think it should be pot luck style...

Ed's mattress reminded me of something:

When I turned 18, Ed and two friends locked me out of the car in the rain in the parking lot of Cumberland Farms one afternoon. I was instructed that I would be allowed back in the car when I returned with the Madonna issue of Penthouse (they were not old enough to buy it yet). To my eternal delight, the older brother of a classmate of ours was working the register, adding to the shame and embarrassment of the purchase. The grainy, unprofessional pictures were nothing special, but memory of my pals' diabolical treachery will last forever.

Haha this is hilarious! Unfortunately, I have never been a member of the Secret Eaters Club--I binge eat in public.

I'm so happy to read I'm not the only one with the late night cereal to milk ratio trick. Amen!

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