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September 23, 2009


I was part of the Buy Local Challenge in July -- a very easy time to do it... but I kinda messed it up. I mean, I ate local from my garden, but I didn't support the local farmers as much as I should have. Oops.I think I'll do much better at just *eating* local. GOOD LUCK!

I'm thinking of boycotting Fall this year. Because soon thereafter is the winter. Cold and Amy do not get along.

But I'll still look forward to any Fall food delights you want to dish up. Main course, or side.

I first heard about the Eat Local Challenge here on your blog. I'm still on the fence about whether I want to try it this year.

Tammy, I think husband is right rest and get your strength back. You can tell you put your heart and soul into the ELC, but it really is such a challenge to eat everything local. Not to mention how freaking hard it is too as well.
I always appreciated that you listed the farms you got your stuff at because I live locally too. Again lots of work.

So rest up and we will look forward to next year when I know you will do it again!

Technically, Twinkies are local since there used to be a Hostess factory in Natick.

How about a compromise? If there's a local choice versus an imported one, go for the local (which I suspect you already do anyway) but otherwise give yourself a break. If we had this in my part of England I'd starve to death within about 2 weeks, so I just buy local wherever I can and enjoy everything else to the full! Take care and keep getting better. Sarah

If we get the ingredients, I'd be happy to make Eat Local Pancakes every Sunday morning. With some Local Bacon on the side.

Good choice. Recovery goes at its own pace, and any little extra thing can stress you out. Maybe you should do the opposite this year - the Eat Exotic Challenge, featuring imported luxury foods. Go on, give yourself a treat!

Husband is too kind - Eat Local Pancakes and Local Bacon? Cripers - who needs a side dish when he's got you covered like that? You probably do better than 99% of Eat Local participants at eating locally without even trying. Take care of yourself and speedy recovery!

Nothing wrong with a side dish, eh? Wise husband gets a gold star.

So, I'm very sorry that I didn't read your blog for a few months, but you didn't need to go and get cancer to get my attention.

Moral of this story, I'm terribly sorry I lost internet for months and it will never happen again. No bandwith makes baby Jesus cry.

And had I known you were doing chemo I'd have sent you a special gift. Straight form my roommate with MS, his special Chemo De Mayo Brownie recepie. Very Not Kid Safe. Unless you want your kids to have the munchies...

Now make sure you kick the shit out of that cancer. Because even if I'm the worst ever for having no internet for months, you're the best and I need my Food on the Food fix. For reals.

<3 you, and I'm team Side Dish.

Deanna: I think I may know the secret ingredient in your roommate's Chemo de Mayo Brownies! I hope the chemo helped your roommate, and I hope the brownies helped with chemo. (P.S. You didn't miss too much over the summer--just lots of complaining!)

Chef Gwen: Yes, he really is quite reasonable.

Amy: It's amazing how eating local has become such a habit for us. I credit the ELC for making it so.

Sobaka: That's what I do in March. March is my Eat Non-Local Non-Challenge!

Husband: That's why you're the awesomest.

Sarah: Sounds good. I think that's going to be my plan.

Special Ed: Twinkies are always the clincher in something like this. I take it back. I'm in!

giovanna: Yes, the documentation part of the ELC almost takes more time than the planning and execution part. But I'm glad you've gotten some use out of the list of farms. That's why I do it!

adele: You could always try it for a week. No tomatoes and early frost will make this October extra challenging in these parts, but not impossible.

Amy: I love Fall but, like you, do not enjoy the cold. Still, I do love an excuse to be homebodyish and cook stewy things.

Julia: Still, I bet you ate very well. I'm always so jealous of/impressed by people who can grow stuff. Keep it up!

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