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September 16, 2009


It is always so exciting to see an update from you, because I know it'll crack me up. I wish I were your neighbor so I could send you food.

If someone told me I had to give up cheese, I'd probably start twitching. Or break out into an evil laugh. But I'm also the one that continues to eat kiwi, even though it gives me hives.

I just wanted to tell you that I have been following your blog for a long time but never left a comment. A good friend of ours got diagnosed last month with stage 4 breast cancer and I forwarded your blog link to her. She just emailed saying that it had lifter her spirits tremendously. I just wanted to pass it along.
Take care.

So baked brie should be safe. Are you cleared for creme brulee? How about flambe?

I've got to tell you, your pickle posts infected me. I can't escape Russo's without four cucumbers because, you know, PICKLES. Only they mysteriously disappear when they're marinating in salt with the onions overnight.

Hmm. I feel like there must be a niche market in this - I mean, there are balding chefs who probably would be glad to have toupees that can withstand the heat of the kitchen, right?

Asbestos hairpieces for chefs could be the next big thing!

Somehow I missed the original wig post, which was vastly entertaining. I just read an article in More magazine about a woman who runs a wig company that comes to you to fittings etc at home rather than have you go out in public to do the equivalent of trying on 100 bathing suits in public when you are probably in a very emotionally challenging place. At the moment I am blanking on the name of the company though.

I suggest just wearing a chef's hat when cooking.

I suggest cooking naked. Unless there's bacon involved.

Jess: There's always bacon involved!

Karen: I'm going to need something with a little more coverage, I think, like a shower cap.

MidLifeMama: What a great business idea. I bet it will do very well. The wig shop at Dana-Farber (where I went) has a private room so I was spared an audience.

Husband: That could never backfire.

adele: That's right. No self-respecting chef wants to emerge from the kitchen looking like Debbie Gibson.

Janet: So glad about the pickles. Hope you're enjoying them.

Tartelette - Helen: I'm sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis, but I'm glad she stopped by. Whatever we can do to help each other, right?

Amy: I'm not too good with the food restrictions, either!

Jeena: Thank you! So nice of you to say.

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