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September 29, 2009


husk cherries or ground cherries as they call them at my market are an obsession of mine. looks good.

Love apple butter. Spread on fresh warm bread. Oh yes.

And I bet your 1st grader has better grammar and can spell better than most of the adults I know.

i think you do fine with cakes. prefer the rhubarb one, though

Sounds lovely. I don't have a food mill, though - can I get away with using a stick blender?

Are husk cherries the same as tomatillos? They look like it.

Aimee: Husk cherries aren't the same as tomatillos, though they are related and both have paper lantern-like husks. These are much smaller with fruits the size of a cranberry. When they're ripe, they fall to the ground, which makes them easy to pick. Just lift up the low-growing vines and there they are.

Adele: That might work. Just be sure to get rid of the skins and cores first!

cal orey: Well, I can't argue with the deliciousness of rhubarb cake.

Amy: Now I just have to make some of that warm bread of which you speak.

maybelle's mom: It took me a while to warm up to them raw, but I love them sweetened and cooked. I bet they'd be good in pies, too.

It's easy to look past the apostrophe when your first grader has such lovely handwriting. And spelling!

Husk cherries! Brilliant. Although I can't seem to make it home with them- all eaten up.

I have the inside track, and I happen know that the Apple Board approached First Grader to solicit a "complete the sentence" contest poster.

My submission: ... way of seducing you in September, only to disappoint you in April.

First grader gets a free pass on the apostrophe...this time. But I can't make any promises for next time.

Nice to "see" you, and the apple butter sounds delicious! Take good care.

Ah, sexting...I remember that was more common in my middle school than my high school. As it is, when I first heard of it my reaction went something along the lines of "WHAT?? That is so inappropriate! Are they that stupid?"

...sometimes I feel old.

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