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August 23, 2009


Couples that dump together, stay together.

Here's to many happy dumps to come. Cheers!

Husband: Charming!

Fiber One makes an awesome granola bar if you're feeling like eating something that tastes like chocolate chip oatmeal cookie dough. Or dried apricots. I used them to combat "shyness" while traveling abroad in strangers' homes for a month.

Hope you get to jettison the bad vibes soon!

I knew there was something suspect about the twinkle in their eyes.

Good luck! Glad to see your sense of humor is still well.

Remember the double entendre slogan "It keeps you going all day long" from Grape-Nuts years ago? Add some whole prunes, and you won't know what hit you.

Just to show you how juvenile I really am --


Just watch the first 5 minutes or so for a good laugh. It's a whole other take on that cereal. If kashi only knew how much that cover makes people think :)

great seeing you sunday!

I love you.

Two things: First, turn the box around, and you'll see that his hand is on her ass. Second, I believe what Husband meant was, "Couples that dump together, hump together."

No, really, anything I can do to help.

Too funny Tammy.
So glad your sense of humor isn't stopped up too.
Try adding a tablespoonful of ground flax seed - works wonders.

This is also appropriate here:



oh my goodness.....ahhh....that's all I can say! Bewteen the post and the husband's video! man oh man!

On the continuing theme of medicines to deal with the side effects of the medicines that you take to deal with the side effects of chemo, you might try Colace, which is a stool softener. (My apologies to all of those who thought that this blog was about food.) Good luck.

I will never eat Kashi again. Thanks guys.

The friendly man has really nice teeth.

Every time I walk through the healthy cereals section, there they are. The woman is not smiling. Look closer. She doesn't even know the guy is there. She has so much fiber in her system she can't see straight. She's loopy mad with fiber!

Hope it works.

Everyone: You guys really are a very loyal group of people!


Nothing like a good bowl of Colon Blow!

Hugs from Atlanta!

I stumbled across this website entirely accidentally. I'm glad I found this. It truly made my day.

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