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August 17, 2009


Just spent two nights in the hospital with 3YO daughter. Awful. Needless to say, I'm sure you share my sentiments of "I won't miss seeing the doctor for a while."

Halfway point is good. Hang in there!!

Great milestone. You're a tough cookie.
I love pickles. I hope yours are perfect. Perfect pickles.

That sounds remarkably easy.
The pickles, not the chemo.
I am moved to try this for myself after I go to the farmer's market tomorrow. So glad your sense of humor hasn't been lost!

Half-sour pickles are the best. I'm from Korea, and Koreans tend to make sweet pickles, but I've always preferred American style pickles.

CONGRATS on being 50% done with chemo! Your blog is such an inspiration!

Yippee for more pickles. And for being half done with chemo. And for pickles. I said it before, pickles cure everything.

I just made a batch of these, although with dill rather than with chiles. Mine turned out saltier than I wanted, but otherwise fine (except for one which went mushy, I dumped it). Oh, and I had grape leaves, so I added those; they're supposed to keep the pickles crisp. These pickles have those fabulous living probiotic bacteria to keep your intestines happy.

You've kicked one side of chemo's ass, now time for the other!

When I was a kid, scraping the brine was one of my favorite chores in Nana's kitchen. That, and churning butter.

Lorrie: What in tarnation is scraping the brine?

pyewacket: And, oh, how I need those healthy intestines. I forgot about the grape leaf trick. Thanks for the reminder.

MidLifeMama: Sounds like something Husband would say!

Jessica: Thanks for your comment! If I can perfect a half-sour pickle, then all this chemo will have been worth it.

Karen: Let me know how yours turn out. I used Sandor Ellix Katz and Chris Schlesinger as my guides.

CC: Thanks for that. Not feeling so tough right now.

Amy: Poor Haley. Glad she's on the mend so that you can now recover from the trauma! But what's up with all the great hospital food? We don't have that here.

Hmmm, I'm in college right now with two eating adventurous (or so they claim) suitemates. I might give this a try sometime, they sound tasty.

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