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August 07, 2009


I have found that the worst time for me to cook is when I'm feeling truly crappy -- it never tastes like it's supposed to.

I've also found that certain medications (hmmm... would chemo qualify?) make certain, previously favored foods taste nasty, so don't be so hard on yourself.

Unless Husband also tried it and spat it out?

That sounded good. Ever so briefly.

Cherries seem to be the hot subject this week.

Yours is the first to point out a failed attempt. I find it refreshing.

Make those cherries your bitch! Get a gallon canning jar, dump those cherries in about 3/4 of the way full, add 2c of sugar, and introduce them to my friend Jack Daniels. Jack can have a chat with them, in a cool, dark place for a couple of months. When you let them back out of solitary, they'll be ready to do your bidding.

very nice

Don't you hate when you waste so much effort...think something will be great and then it's terrible?

Har har har! Good tale of an idea gone wrong. I would have tried it too, I'm afraid.

Cherries are very sensitive to herbal notes, I've decided. A couple of friends of mine, top SF chefs, made some homemade maraschino cherries a while back. I kept saying, "What did you infuse with them. Herbs? What kind?"
And they kept saying no.
"But I taste something green," I insisted.
Duh! It was the cherry stems, which they had left on. (This surprised them, by the way. Me, the supertaster.)

Next time, Tammy, it will be a culinary wonder. Keep on kickin' ass.

Imagining the taste of rosemary with cherries...well, one is strong and poignant and the other is tart. No wonder your palate rebelled!!!

Oh dear. I'm sorry. Maybe mint would work better?

Chemo definitely impacts how things taste. My favorite foods were suddenly yucky. Be proud you were up to even attempting this task. I found that opening my eyes was an effort during chemo. Take care & this too shall pass. You are a champ!!

I dunno, I don't think this had to do w/the chemo, I think rosemary is too strong for the cherries . . . although I love to tinker, sometimes after an experience like this I say to myself "there's a reason why this has been done a certain way for so many years." Plain cherry pie is damn good. And I'm a HUGE proponent of the lard crust!

i love it that you posted a failure. so rare in the blogosphere

bibliochef: Glad you enjoyed. I'm sure we can all relate at one time or another.

Sarah: I have to agree. Rosemary, cherries, no go. Although I may still blame chemo for the flawed brainstorm.

Beverly: I'm definitely having some chemo-related taste changes (e.g., water tastes weird), but that? That was horrific by any standard.

adele: Probably not. I'm guessing still too medicinal.

Carey: Where were you 10 minutes before I made this?

CC: Cherry stems? Fascinating. (I wonder what my next chemo-induced experiment will be? Pepto-bismol pudding?)

WhatACard: Yes and yes. And they were such beautiful local cherries.

Rekha: Well, you know.

Lorrie: That sounds like a mighty fine idea.

Amy: You win some, you lose some.

Russ: Glad I could string you along if only for a moment.

NurseJen: This was dumped into the garbage well before Husband came home. There is absolutely no way I would have subjected him to that. But, you're right, cooking has a way of conveying your emotions somehow. This certainly captured them very well.

Yum, but cherries and almonds (not almond extract) sounds heavenly. Give that a try next time and leave the rosemary for a roast.

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