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August 14, 2009


wow, that's a lot of dill in a recipe. Bu it sounds yummy!

That does seem like a lot of dill, but I love chickpeas, so I'm willing to give it a try!

I think you're familiar with my love affair with the chickpea, no? They used to really turn me off, but I rediscovered them a few years back and now some of my favorite dishes include them.

...this just gives me another reason to use my fresh garden herbs.

printing that one out - eliza is a chick pea fanatic! will keep an eye out for tractors...

Dill in curry? I am intrigued. This goes on the (never-ending, horribly long) to-do list.

I have always wanted to make curry without using pre-mixed "curry powder", and this looks do-able for an impatient person such as myself, and it looks delicious and cool for this time of year. Will put ingredients on my shopping list and try it soon. And I really love the flower photo. - thanks.

Judy: I love this dish. I should really consider doubling the recipe since I could easily eat it all in one sitting. I hope you like it, too.

adele: I'm familiar with that list. I'm starting to consider it purely ornamental.

Cindy: Hope Eliza enjoys it. Go easy on the cayenne for tender tastebuds.

Amy: Yes, I thought you might like this one.

Mary: Think of it like parsley in tabbouleh. Herb elevated to vegetable.

Anh: It's a lot of dill, but it works.

Dill with salmon, dill in eggs, dill in everything! YUM!

Made this last night - it was delicious! I added some chopped up chicken thighs for the hubby (he can only handle so many meatless dinners in a row). Yum - thanks for sharing!

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