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August 12, 2009


What a coincidence, I just posted about a cucumber/beet salad. Cucumbers are definitely in abundance across many gardens right now.

I've always wanted to try and make pickles. Perhaps this is the season I will get ambitious.

I will say this, Tammy - chemo may be effecting your energy and appetite, but damn, it sure isn't hurting your writing.

Wish I could send you cases of pickles of every type! Or anything else that would help.

I have to try these as I am in love with Chris Schlesinger! I almost cried when he stopped making Inner Beauty hot sauce to be sold in stores. Lucky for me they had a interview with him at Serious Eats and he gave the recipe out!

My thoughts are with you Tammy. You keep plugging along and make me smile, laugh or spew coffee every time I read your blog you are an inspiration!

Sorry you are feeling so grim ~ keep pickling! I have always been intrigued as to why these are called Bread & Butter pickles; I've read about them in American novels and for years I thought they actually contained B&B ... clearly not! Take care, feel better. Sarah

I absolutely LOVE pickles. My mother said I used to eat them so much when I was little that my lips used to turn white.

That is my most favourite pickle recipe. I adore that book!

I have a friend who said eating 1 Gala Apple a day kept her heartburn at bay. Medically there is some enzyme in the apple that helps.

My dad craved sweet things during his chemo, which was good because it helped him keep some weight on. Now that he has had his transplant, he still has a sweet tooth. The other day he was allowed to have pizza and said that the sauce tasted too tart.

Good luck and keep going!

Pickles heal EVERYTHING.

Ugh. I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time with chemo.

Are bread and butter pickles really that easy to make? This one's going on my to-do list.

I have to say, I've never been a fan of sweet pickles. I made summer pickles a few years ago from a recipe that only called for 2tbsp of sugar, but 1/2 cup of salt. Those were lovely (and didn't last anywhere near a month -- I think they were gone in a week!)

And I agree with MidLifeMama -- Pickles DO heal everything!

Pickles are the only cure for gigglenitis. Ask NurseJen. May you come down with an awful case of it.

Just had a pile of these on a homemade cheeseburger. Yum!!

They look delicious! I just canned 6 pints of b&b pickles, intending to store them away for winter, but they looked so good I had to bust open a jar.

As a new visitor to your site, I cannot believe that you have the energy during chemo to make pickles (or anything) much less write about them. As a writer and food lover myself, however, I can understand how these simple tasks help keep life normal under very abnormal circumstances. I suppose there is a certain, I don't know, blessing? good fortune? to be found in the fact that something appeals to your palate during treatment. And, for what it's worth, I always found that watermelon did the trick to combat heartburn when I was pregnant (if these two states of being can be compared at all). Since it is watermelon season I thought I would just throw it out there!

Looking forward to visiting more often with you here.


hi there my first time here and please accept my salutations....you are a woman of strength believe it or not. May God be with you.

Love the pickles and the 'turmeric'and 'mustard' give it an Indian touch and have healing properties as stated in the Ayurveda.

Thanks for sahring these :)

Navita: Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

Casey: I'm low on energy, that's for sure, but I'm grateful for a healthy appetite. And watermelon has been very appealing to me lately, yes. Thanks for your comment.

Mary: I need to learn how to can properly. Right now, I only make as much as I know I'll eat in the short-term.

Husband: Me, too.

Jess: Consider me afflicted!

NurseJen: Ah, but I'm fermenting half-sours as we speak. Those sound more up your alley.

adele: Yes, super-easy. You can't afford not to make them.

MidLifeMama: Here's hoping!

Jocelyn: Glad your dad's getting through it. My sweet tooth has been subdued quite a bit by chemo, but my appetite for other things is good despite the nausea.

jo: Good to know. I like apples! (I love that book, too.)

Helen: Now that's a lot of pickles! I'm still trying to get my kids to love them.

Sarah: I have yet to find a convincing answer to the origin of the name through Google, but I am curious myself.

giovanna: Chris Schlesinger is inspired. I've never tried that hot sauce, but then I am a wuss.

Kalyn: Thank you. I'm halfway done with the hard part.

Amy: You just reminded me about some beets I think I forgot about in the crisper. I'll go check out your recipe.

Just made these. AWESOME.

Ok, so what if I want to can them? Just toss them into jars and put in a water bath?

Alyson: So glad you liked them! Yes, you can process jars of just-made pickles for 10 minutes in boiling water. For more specific canning info go here:


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