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July 16, 2009


This looks delicious - it reminds me of a sauce from a cold tortellini salad I am trying to duplicate from a now-defunct Italian deli in my neighborhood. I have tried reproducing it to no avail but when I saw this recipe and the words Red Pesto - bingo! - this might be it, or really close to it -- can't wait to try it! Do you serve it warm, room temp or cold? We always ate the tortellini salad cold - that's how they sold it and it was delicious but then again they sold their lasagna cold too...thanks!

I generally serve it warm. The parmesan gets a bit melty, and the herbs add a nice tang. Of course, I've eaten it straight out of the fridge at midnight, too (don't tell), and it's great. So it might work for the salad you are trying to reproduce.

Thanks - it sounds good either way!

Judy: I agree. I have to try this.

Jill: Thanks again for guest posting. I really appreciate it!

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