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July 03, 2009


You're both right: those are black raspberries. Blackberries will be fruiting in August, and they have hard seeds in the center instead of the open core of raspberries.

these look like black raspberries, actually--so maybe you're both right? we have a bunch in our backyard now and my dad used to make great black raspberry jam. i like them better than blackberries OR raspberries!

We have both blackberries and red raspberries growing on our (new!) property, and Farmboy excitedly led me up there yesterday to taste the first of the raspberries. Not quite ripe, I thought my cheeks would implode. Still and all, he was so excited for me to pick and cook with them...

LOL! I have a 3YO as well. It's so sad when I discover she's smarter than me.

The other day I was going to use bananas for a dessert, and she actually rolled her eyes at me and said "Do you really think those are ripe enough?"

Oh boy.

And for the record, I didn't even know such a thing as black raspberries existed!

That's hilarious! I've never heard of black raspberries either. I'll have to ask about them when we make the berry picking rounds today.

Alright - spill. Where is this patch o'black raspberries?? I am willing to brave some bees.

i think that black raspberries only grow wild. i've never seen them in the store or even at a pick-your-own farm. very weird actually. i predict that next year, or the year after, they will be the new green garlic!

We have that same thing growing in our yard! I have also had that exact conversation with my kids. I always figured the fact that they were growing wild to be the reason they didn't look like typical store-bought blackberries-good to know!

Did you do penance with your three-year-old? My god, did you even TELL him he was right?

CC: Of course not. If he knows he's smarter than me now, then he's going to be insufferable in 10 years.

katie: Me, too. I thought they were just small because they were wild. But I'll admit that I was puzzled by their interiors. I kept wondering why the insides of them looked so weird--it's because blackberries aren't hollow. For more info on the differences, go here: http://www.raspberryblackberry.org/local.cfm?doc=webdocs/faqs.htm

alyssa: You could be right. I can hardly wait to hear the bickering at the farmstands. (Blackberries. RASPBERRIES. Blackberries. RASPBERRIES!!!)

MidLifeMama: Do you know the secret password? (see my e-mail)

Mangochild: They're yummy, though I'm still partial to golden raspberries.

Amy: I'm so proud that the kids pick this stuff up, and yet so disappointed that I can't play the role of the all-knowing parent for longer.

NurseJen: Nice! Congrats on the new property. That's a nice Farmboy you've got there. A friend of Husband's gave us some raspberries plants, but only one is in a patch of sun and therefore only one is thriving. But we found one wild bramble growing out of our rock wall and those four red raspberries are going to be awesome!

Yet Another Pam: Thank goodness I have so many smart readers. What would I do without them?!

You're so lucky to have black raspberries! We had them near our house growing up in Vermont and I love them and they're impossible to find in the city. They have such a unique flavor.

Ok, seriously, SOOO funny! :et your 3YO read this when ready with the humility to know that he can be right and you can still be the smart mommy who knows what's best. I prefer raspberries to blackberries. Beautiful pic by the way!

And thus the origin of "out of the mouths of babes" is revealed...

I found myself with some blackberries last night, and some blueberries... so you can bet I made that Cobbler recipe of yours for dinner last night. Holy poop! that was tasty. I've been dreaming of another bowl all day long.

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