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July 06, 2009


Best. Meal. Ever.

How can I follow that comment? :) Nice.

So glad for you Tammy, for everything, and of course to be cooking again. Looks like a great holiday.

I know it sounds cliche, but sometimes good food and good friends really is the best medicine.

How do I get invited to next year's celebration? That cobbler has me drooling.

i want that hush puppy recipe! yummy yum yum yum

Oh that food looks fabulous! Especially the beans which I always have trouble with. They are usually either too hard or mush!

I'm so glad you had a nice 4th Tammy, you deserve it.

It looks and sounds fantastic and probably tasted even better. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

This is a happy post. It sounds idyllic. I have nothing funny to say about it. I'm so very happy for you.

Adorable cobbler star!

That all looks awesome! SO I guess by secret recipe you mean, we wont be getting our grubby paws on it?

That's great! So happy to hear it.

I'm glad you're back to normalcy. It'll only be temporarily interrupted later. The food looks fantastic. Those ribs are almost enough to make me un-vegetarian but I still have delicious cole slaw...

China is stupid about blogging sites (really, why can't I submit an application to the government swearing that all I want to do is read my food blogs?), so I haven't been able to follow your last few updates.

I'm glad to hear that surgery went well, and that your appetite is back. Yay for cooking!

Secret recipe... no chance of seeing it on the blog, is there? :)

Hooray for normal!

And blueberry cobbler, yum. Didn't take you for a cutesy star-shaped biscuit girl. OK, I'm just jealous that I didn't have any cobbler on the fourth.

It's a bit like Thanksgiving rolled in with the 4th. A fab meal on so many levels.

Thanks guys. Andrea, that's as cutesy as it gets! Sarah, I'll get the hush puppy recipe up soon. As for the ribs, I think there's a rule that says I have to be able to duplicate a recipe before I can post about it, and so far, I can't keep my grill at that low of a temperature without letting the fire go out. Maybe next year?

I love your blog and I've only lurked so far but I wanted to let you know that I just had a double mastectomy--I did chemo first and I really think the surgery was the harder of the two. The anti-nausea drugs they have are really good and it definitely wasn't the nightmare I anticipated. Best of luck.

Hi Tammy,

I disappear for a few months (you know, renovating a house, planning a wedding and popping out a baby doesn't leave much time for blogging) and when I come back this was not quite what I expected! 'Stage 1' are good words though. Hope you are recovering well from the operation and the chemo won't be too hard on you. Don't know what you'll do after, but a friend of mine in NY opted for an inflatable boob after her treatment - I am already imagining the hilarious posts you would write about that...

Inne xoxo

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