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July 20, 2009


Glad your back - found your blog when searching for local food ideas. It has been wonderful!

Good luck tomorrow.

Best. Vacation. Ever.

1. I love that you got to take a vacation.
2. Those pictures are fantastically fun.
3. My husband begs me to make bacon and cheese anything.
4. I think it would be a hoot to write for you, but I fear I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.
5. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW. Kick that chemo's ass!

Glad you took the vacation. Cancer can wait. Well, not for long, but at least for a week. As usual, if you need ANYTHING, email, call, whatever. If you have a desire to lounge by a pool, or the kids need a pool break, they would be welcome at our house any weekend day. It is a small inground pool, 3 or so feet deep at one end, 7 feet at the other. Dad could bring them by to give you a break if you want. I will email you with my phone number in case you want. I am totally serious. Cooper loves older boys. Good luck!

Tammy, so glad you had a great time! You so lucked out with the weather it was probably the best week we've had all summer. I am totally jealous of your vacation, I loved the seals!

Anyway, good luck tomorrow, you are an inspiration to us all with your sense of humor and kick ass attitude!

You removed my comment!

Or else I'm horribly paranoid, and forgot to do the word verification thingie before I left the page.
Remove this!
(I will understand if you're keeping the solution secret a little longer. But only a little. Damn, paranoid much?)

I love it when the weather cooperates! The guest bloggers were pretty fantastic (I will never get the idea of M&Ms sprucing up a bowlful of beans out of my brain) but I'm super glad you popped back in for an update.

mmm... what's a vacation on the cape without lobster rolls? That looks incredible.

Thinking of you today with best wishes. Sarah

So glad you had a great vacation, weather included.
Outdoor showers are the best!

Only thing better than and outdoor shower is an outdoor shower while eating bacon-topped lobster roll.


NurseJen: Now THAT I haven't tried. Next year.

Karen: Agreed. You just can't beat a roofless shower.

Sarah: Thanks so much.

melch: It was an incredible week. It's going to be my secret weapon.

CC: I would never delete your comments (not anyone's, but especially not yours!). Typepad is having technical difficulties--it very nearly deleted two of mine, the bastards. As for your decoding, good on you. Very well done. So, um, are you going to bring me one?

giovanna: We did totally luck out. I feel bad for the people who vacationed around here during the month of June.

Michele: Thanks so much. I bet the older one would love that. The younger one still freaks out when he gets water on his face in the tub. He shrieked through all 8 sessions of swim classes. So I'll spare you that, but maybe we can make a date for 1 out of 2.

Amy: You are most worthy. I've sent you an e-mail.

Husband: Glad you liked it, too!

Nicole: So glad you're finding it useful. Welcome and thanks for commenting.

I was going to bring you a sundae (as specified) but I didn't know if I'd be able to get out of your way before you performed your pyrotechnic-acrobatic barfing skills. In other words, I doubted you'd really want one.

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