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July 09, 2009


Yours is so much prettier than my first two attempts. Guess I'll have to bake a third.

Sounds DIVINE. Now I am upset that I am going to Texas tomorrow for 5 days. How am I supposed to go pick berries and make cake??

I love yours! This is exactly the kind of dessert I've been meaning to make for weeks and keep pushing to the back burner. I need to just do it this weekend. But! Mine will be blueberries since Steve is not a big raspberry fan. I'm working on it...

It sounds rather clafoutis-ish, which is a name I like.

Oh, wow. So colorful and seasonal. I'd have eaten half.

Best. Excuse. Evar.

Sooo hungry now. Too bad I'm no good at baking. However, you will help to keep my neighborhood bakery in business. Also, I forwarded your post to my baking and sharing friend with my fingers crossed for the latter =D

Get out! I made this today, too. Also having seen L.D.'s twitter. It was a big, big hit. Do you think this would work at with brown sugar and more fruit?

Catherine: Great minds!! I think brown sugar and more fruit is a fine idea. Seems like that would only make it better.

melch: I hope your friend comes through. You could totally make this, though. Face the fear!

Mary: Then I'm glad we weren't sharing a kitchen at that moment!

CC: Yes, quite clafoutis-ish. Only less pudding-ish and more cake-ish.

Melissa: Blueberry buckle is a more than acceptable substitute. Ain't nothing wrong with blueberries. Hope you're enjoying it right now.

Michele: Don't they grow anything in Texas besides oil?

Brian: Likely story. But you can still make a third. I won't tell.

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