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July 13, 2009



Clearly with your mastery of legumes you, I can tell you're highly qualified to care for Tammy's kids. She was wise to entrust them to you.

Great. Another memo on inappropriately-timed laughter at my library-like workplace. You bastard!


Do they actually grow the labels there, too? And why do I suddenly want frijoles mole?

Very funny stuff...

Have you ever seen those refried bean plants in person? They are absolutely stunning.


Oh! You're THAT Barry Foy! Nice to see you here. Very wow.

Any tips for preserving seasonal beans for later use?

Toot Hollow? A bean farm named Toot Hollow? I'd get beans delivered from them just to see their logo.

Awesome guest post!

Awesome. Canned bean and M&M bentos.

Bwahaha. I hope Tammy's kids can continue to forage for Snickers bars to round out their candy and beans diet.

Could you please come babysit my kids?
They love beans and candy.


You are a natural at blogging. You and Dooce will soon be at the same level.

Linda: How nice of you to say! However, I can't claim the credit for this particular post. This was the brainchild of Barry Foy, but he did a nice job, didn't he?

Dana: Yes, he is.

Karen: I've already penciled Barry in for you for Wednesday of next week, say from 8 am to 9 pm? I'm sure he won't mind.

melch: We have quite the Snickers bar forest behind our house and not a bee to be found.

Amy: The Japanese would be horrified.

Amy: Me, too. Alas, their CSA is sold out.

Mary: That's a toughie. I'm thinking something cylindrical. And metal. I'll get back to you.

CC: Yes, the famous Barry Foy himself. I'm so honored.

Calamity S: Hahahahaaaaaaa.

April in CT: What I love about refried bean plants is that they come already refried, unlike regular bean plants.

NurseJen: I'm sure the labels are made from recycled paper and are hand-drawn with biodegradable inks, etc., etc.

Tim: Just trying to get you fired, that's all. Want some beans?

Julia: That was our main qualification, actually. Do you know your way around a bean, I asked? He said, Boy, do I! His enthusiasm was all the assurance we needed.

Katie: Glad you enjoyed it!

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